Chairman Message

Chairman Message

Raja Ijaz Haider

President & Principal Consultant

SIT Digital International  lnc.

OSP passive networks are the major asset of utility operators, Passive network is deaf, blind and speechless. It can not publish its faults and updates to the owner by itself like active network elements through NMS or EMS.

This is common wish of all operators that they should know 100% their assets with deep information up to a smallest network element, but unfortunately all have common pain that their passive network is somehow unknown to them, if they try to make it known with certain CAPEX effort, after some quarters of year, it goes back to unknown or partially known status.

SIT Digital was established in 2010 to support passive network owners with innovative tools and techniques for enablement of the known status of their passive asset even with the passage of time and operational changes. we are happily serving our customers with highly positive feedback and performance index.

With known passive network, we provide consultancy to our customers for best use of their assets related to sales uplift, ROI boost, churn optimization and operational excellence.


"A good construction is always better than a rectified tricky construction"

There is no doubt that innovative tools and techniques should be adopted from the initiation of a project, so CAPEX could be optimized with best possible architecture, technical specifications, codification and planning / design techniques,

We get knowledge of best practices, make libraries, publish books, papers and train professionals for the betterment of their business and well as technical governance.

All the best and my team availability ensured 24/7.