Fiber Utility Management System (FUMS)


The demand for public utilities has never been so high before and it is increasing every day. The growth of utility networks is going through the skies, forcing many companies to upgrade, expand and create these networks of utilities. As Network Owner a company has to manage records related to their passive network assets such as Fiber cable, enclosures, spans and all the equipment used in network. Currently, most network owners do not have an integrated information system where they can manage all this using a single platform. Companies use CAD drawings, excel sheets, and other legacy and outdated methods for planning, design and operation purposes. 

While these are just drawing or documents. Owners cannot view their network in real time. Neither they have the resources to overlay their networks on other utilities or on the satellite images. The result of such approaches yields poor decision making and profit loss. The Physical Network Inventory is like a corridor from which many services interact with each other. For example, billing services, customer management services, network operation & testing services and many more. Having a proper inventory solves many problems but more importantly it solves these problems much efficiently and smoothly. Saving a lot of profits and time.

Solution Overview

FUMs solution overview

FUMS fills the gap of records management and physical network inventory with its next generation GIS engine, connected processes, tools and applications. SIT Digital fiber competence teams with number of SMEs are connected with FUMS and Microsoft Teams in order to have efficient governance of passive fiber network and data integrity.

Fiber Utility Management System (FUMS), a Cloud VMbased Engineering application for Network Owners specifically designed for the purpose of Fiber network planning, design, as-built, operations support and inventory management. Which incorporates ESRI Enterprise 11.xArcGIS Pro, Microsoft SQL,, Python, Microsoft SharePoint, Andriod and IOS Technologies.


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Backup & Security
FUMS Backup and security

FUMS is connected to a single Enterprise Geodatabase hosted on Microsoft SQL Server. Having all the assets in one Database makes it very secure and easy to fetch on demand. The system generates backup of this database regularly so that assets are saved from any potential disasters.  FUMS has variety of base maps for user convenience. These Real time updated base maps become very handy to locate the existing network or while designing the new network.

FUMS can be used by any browser. Simply login and work on your assignments. The one window tool let users do all sorts of assignments ranging from planning, designing, as-built update, analyze the network and many more. All these privileges are configurable, meaning, you can assign and limit a user to do certain type of assignments. Users can see their assets on map but also in the form of tables. Finding any asset on map becomes very easy and with a single click user can see all the information related to that asset.

FUMS Desktop