FUMS Functions

Web Based

FUMS is a web-based solution for PNI design and management.

On Primises

FUMS can be deployed on customer primises.

Secure Authentication

All the data sorted in FUMS is secured with authentication.

Data Security

FUMS has row level data security.


FUMS is developed using most advanced technologies.

Mobile Friendly

FUMS is mobile friendly and come with mobile application as well.

User Interface

FUMS as simple and easy to adopt user interface.

Database Integration

Database is integrated with number of modules build in FUMS.

Field Integration

Survey Module is included in FUMS for field to system integration.

Estimate Build Cost

Automated BoM/BoQ can be generated from FUMS with one click.

Fiber Design Service

FUMS is a complete design tool and contain OSP, ISP, Connectivity.

Fiber Operation Service

Fiber management & Operations can be done using FUMS.

Data Import

Existing data can be imported and migrated into FUMS.

Data Export

Design packages and data can be exported from FUMS with one click.

Map Reports

One click map reports from FUMS.

PDF Reports

Single click PDF reports from FUMS

Excel Reports

One click excel report from FUMS.


Embedded dashboards for reporting and PMO function.

Warehouse and Inventory

Manage warehouse inverter and design according to that.

Fault Management

OTDR integration and fault dashboards.

Duct Space Management

Duct and fiber association.

Fiber Connectivity

Fiber to fiber and fiber to port connectivity.

Fiber and Ports Leasing

Leasing module for fiber and port leasing into management.

OSP Features

Add OSP element and select templates of equipment.

ISP Features

Add ISP details to OSP features.

Licensing & User Types

FUMS has different type of user i.e., manager, designer, viewer.

Subscription Packages

For cloud FUMS has very attractive packages for small fiber owners.

Common Pains and FUMS

FUMS handles common pains related to network strategy, ROI, project governance and fiver operations.

FUMS Flower Diagram

Explain life cycle of fiber project and how FUMS cover all of it.

Database Architecture

Strong and advanced architecture specially designed for fiber PNI.

FUMS Architecture

Consist of advanced technologies like ESRI Enterprise 11 and more.

Fiber Architectures

FUMS come with complete guidelines and expertise of SIT consultants.

Codification & Nomenclature

Codification for your fiber project.

Auto Data Population

Eliminate human error.

Standardization & Control

FUMS ensure standardization of data and control flow of nformation.

Work Order Management

Drive project based on WO.